Case Study

Blaast Lexury Hotel Booing applcaiton

Ux design process for Luxury hotel experience booking application


The business owner needs to create one booking application for VIP Travellers who are traveling to Greece, the business is aiming to sell only the luxury travel clubs in Greece.


 The opportunity here was to create a mobile app to allow travelers to plan and book local experiences like Sun Launchers, Stays, and Different Theme parties based on their interests. The business provided me with a brief asking us to focus on the following features:

  1. Browsing and booking the beach hotel functions based on their interests
  2. Messaging and chat function
  3. Ability to load extra money into their account and enjoy a hands-free vacation 
  4. Rating and sharing the experience on the app

My Role

This is my project and I have handled the:

  1. Research,
  2. User flows, 
  3. Information Architecture, 
  4. Wireframing, 
  5. Prototyping, 
  6. UI design

Contextual Inquiry

Initially, we want to know how travelers are currently finding and booking local experiences and how they are using the hotel’s services. We quickly learned that our target audience is from a very young age to older than we initially assumed, and for the most part, they were busy professionals mixing business and pleasure.

Competitive Analysis

We performed a competitive analysis with a few competitors in Greece. We found that in most mobile apps or hotel websites, users are not able to contact the hotel to learn more about local experiences or see reviews on the majority of websites.

User Interviews

In the part of user research, we conducted user interviews to speak to both business and leisure travelers to get a better understanding of both types of travelers’ goals and pain points.

Interview Findings
After considering all our findings into an affinity map, the common themes we saw emerging were:

  1. Travelers always want to spend time without any interference.
  2. Travelers are coming from around the world are may be very important people like business owners, VIP people, and common people so the application should be trustworthy and manging by one to one 
  3. They need to book the options based on the mood and occasion.
  4. While the booking time the enjoyment should be hands-free such as don’t pay anything at the hotel or don’t carry any payments or cards.
  5. Sense of discovery and spontaneity users wanted to feel in a new place.


Based on our user interviews and the research, we created our persona, Richard, to create a better experience for targetted users.

blast persona 1 chandrajith

As a doctor, I help my patients, who include children, adults, and families, to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know tl1emseIves as a peaceful, complete, whole, and safe.
I know that no single approach is the right one for everything.


  1. Taking a holiday in Greece after a long time so need to spend time on the beach and party.
  2. Need to find a property based on their mood and occasion.
  3. The booking needs to spontaneous 
  4. All payments should be done in a single time and don’t need to carry or pay any money in the hotel or club.


  1. Taking more time to book the hotels or clubs.
  2. not finding good options need to check individual websites for comparison.

User Flows

Richard needs unique and authentic holiday planning in Greece and memorable experiences for her stay with reliable recommendations.

blaast userflow scaled chandrajith

Defining the problem

Problem statement

Luxury travelers in Greece need a way to have memorable experiences from trusted sources because they do not want to spend a lot of time planning to then be disappointed.

How Might We

How we might offer curated unique and luxurious experiences, and make it easier for users to find them.


We believe that by offering these curated experiences to our users they will have a better experience traveling and spend less time planning.

Paper Prototypes

Based on our user flow, sketched some initial screens on paper to test out with some users and get a sense of what works well and what needs to be improvised.

ux low fidelity wireframe for blaast

Digital Prototypes

Following our paper prototype testing and iteration, I started designing a Highfedility digital prototype for testing.