The requirement is to redesign their existing customer experience SaaS platform. The tool aims to collect the user satisfaction data using different types of surveys and forms and get deep analytics based on NPS, CSAT, Etc...

My role

  • User research, prototyping, UI design, Built a maintained a design system, Art direction, and brand design
  • The current Application needs to make redesigned to make the application look more professional and trustworthy.


  • The product has developed without UX help so defining the user journey and restructuring need more effort.


We started the process with user research to understand pain points, then analyzed our findings and defined the core tasks of the product. I led the team throughout the design process, communicated milestones, and presented works to get buy‐in from executives and the sales team.


Find the problem, explore solutions

They need a improve the user journey from start to end for a campaign manager who can create a campaign, distribute the campaign, and get deep analytics.

Initially, I segregated the application into 3 parts,

The application – can create and distribute campaigns.

Builder – can build the campaign using different question types like NPS, CSAT, Choices, etc…

Analytics – The customer can analyze the campaign using different analytical tools like Sentimental analysis, text analysis, customer 360, etc…

ux portfolio

The designs we deliverd

Design system

The complicated nature of the app necessitated more than 120 screens covering user on-boarding, campaign setup, distribution & Analytics.
To maintain consistency and ensure efficient design to dev handover, I designed a modular design system based on reusable components and their states, such as cards, list items, and controls.
All elements can be mixed and combined with others while maintaining design character and recognizable UI patterns for the user.

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