I‘m a UX/UI & a product designer.

I am a UX Designer combines research, rapid prototyping, interaction, and visual design to transform complex problems into elegant solutions. with over 12years of experience conceptualizing and crafting digital products, helping businesses and organizations expand their capacity for impact. I have experience managing web and interactive communication projects from initial consultation through successful launch and have a proven ability to handle various projects at the same time and complete them by a given deadline.

Latest Projects

Some of latest projects I have completed successfully and some of them on the process of development stage.



piHappiness-customer experience platform

piHappiness-customer experience platform

blaast featured images chandrajith

Luxury Booking application ux design

qubla ux design

Qubla Islamic Community prayer application

buyPay Featured Image chandrajith

BuyPay-Social selling platform

live cha chandrajith

Live Chat applications

delight featured chandrajith

Delight Calling International Calling application

Some of my Publications

spycology chandrajithUser Experience BasicsUX Designs
May 18, 2021

Psychology of Usability when you design UX

What Is Usability, Really? One of the foremost common myths in UX is that good usability is more pleasing to the attention. It is impossible for something to “look usable.”…
ux design chandrajithUX DesignsUser Experience BasicsWire Framing
May 6, 2021

User Experience design Process Design, Strategy & Implementation.

Everything features a user experience. Your job isn't to form the user experience. Your job is to make it good. And what do I mean by “good” user experience? it's…
good wireframign chandrajithUser Experience BasicsUX DesignsWire Framing
May 6, 2021

What Is a Wireframe?

Wireframes are important, if not essential. wireframes are the blueprints for "Architects". But their simple appearance makes some people think they're simple, easy documents. A wireframe may be a technical…